CDBG Program Application

On behalf of the Seneca County Commissioners, we are pleased to invite localities within Seneca County to submit project requests for FY '21 CDBG allocation funding. The CDBG funds may be utilized in a variety of ways to further Federal and State goals of benefiting low-to-moderate income (LMI) persons or aid in the elimination of slums and blight. The FY '21 funding cycle is from September 1, 2021 through December 31, 2022. The Commissioners anticipate the potential availability of $150,000.00 county wide CDBG funding.

The Commissioners must submit the FY’21 CDBG application to the Ohio Development Services Agency/ Office of Community Development by approximately June 1, 2021.  Public hearings will be held prior to that date to inform the public of the program and to finalize projects. The first informational public hearing will be held on TBD at the Seneca County Commissioners, 111 Madison Street, Tiffin, OH. The second public hearing will be held in May 2021 time to be determined at the Seneca County Commissioners, 111 Madison Street, Tiffin, OH. The purpose will be to announce the projects proposed to the State for funding. A notice announcing the hearing will appear in the Advertiser-Tribune at least ten days prior to the public hearing date.

The attached application material must be completed and submitted to the following address no later than 4:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 6, 2021.  If you prefer a hard copy, contact Charlene Watkins at (419) 443-7936 ext 1123 or via email at

Charlene Watkins, Executive Director
Seneca Regional Planning Commission
71 South Washington Street, Suite 1104
Tiffin, OH 44883

Please submit one application per project requested with the supplemental information as detailed in the application instructions. If you have questions or require assistance in preparing your application packet, please contact Charlene Watkins at (419) 443-7936 ext 1123.


For projects that will be implemented during calendar 2021

Information to keep in mind when preparing your project application:

  • Seneca County can fund as many projects as fiscally feasible.
  • Projects will receive higher ranking when the applicant exceeds 20%  or higher in matching funds and in-kind matches.
  • The overall application must achieve at least a 51% Low/Moderate Income benefit or benefit one of the following categories of individuals:
    • Abused children
    • Illiterate persons
    • Homeless persons
    • Battered spouses
    • Migrant farm workers
    • Severely disabled adults
    • Elderly persons
    • Persons living with AIDS
    • Handicapped persons
  • Income surveys or census data specific to the project area may be required to demonstrate LMI benefit. Income surveys can be used for a total of five (5) years from date of completion. The 2011-2015 Low-Moderate-Income Summary Data for Ohio Non-Entitlement Counties and Places is attached to identify the Places that are 51% LMI. These Places will not be required to do an income survey. For the communities in need of updating their income surveys please contact Seneca Regional Planning Commission for instructions and assistance. Specific forms and certifications are required for income surveys. These are the most current limits at the time of this mailing. If you need to do an income survey for your project, please contact this office to make sure limits have not changed and to clarify new procedures required by the OCD.


Household Size 80% of Median Income
1 Person $36,500
2 Person
3 Person
4 Person
5 Person
6 Person
7 Person
8 Person
  • If your project is to eliminate slums and blight, building and infrastructure surveys are required. This objective is rarely used for Allocation projects. 
  • Applicants with projects involving public services should include the page specifically addressing public services projects.
  • COST ESTIMATES MUST be submitted with the application forms. Estimates must be certified by an independent party and detail material and labor costs. NOTE that parties providing estimates are excluded from bidding the project. Cost estimates for non-residential construction activities exceeding $2,000 must state that "Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage Rates were taken into consideration when determining costs." (These projects must be bid and managed according to CDBG requirements. Quotes may be obtained for equipment purchases and other activities if less than $10,000 for Counties and $5,000 for Cities.) If the actual project cost exceeds the estimate or if the project cost exceeds the budgeted CDBG funding, the local government/entity must certify that it will absorb the additional costs or the project will not be considered. Remember that CDBG and local procurement requirements must be followed and documented if the project is funded. The State strictly monitors these particular activities.


  1. Total proposed activities must be completed by December 31, 2022. (Environmental reviews must be completed prior to project start).
  2. All non-residential construction and improvements must meet or exceed State Building Codes.
  3. Cost estimates must be itemized, signed, and provided by a qualified source (i.e., Engineer, Architect, County Engineer, Contractor, etc.). Again, note that contractors providing estimates are not permitted to bid the project.
  4. All cost estimates for non-residential construction projects with an estimated cost of $2,000 or more must include Davis-Bacon Prevailing Wage Rates (federal rates) and are to be bid and managed according to CDBG regulations.
  5. A useful life certification (for 8+ years) signed and sealed by an engineer must be submitted with road surface projects. Chip and seal or gravel-base road improvements are not eligible activities.
  6. Fire departments must provide a complete list of equipment needed to meet specific Safety Requirements of the Industrial Commission of Ohio Relating to Fire Fighting, ORC 4121:1-21, along with their itemized list of equipment requested and cost estimate. 
  7. Only the County may enter into contracts for your project.
  8. When committing other funds toward the project and/or if other sources of funds are included in this project, letters, resolutions, ordinances, etc., committing these funds must be submitted with this application. We generally do not cover engineering costs with the grant funds.
  9. Attach letter(s) from agency(s) requiring or mandating improvements (if applicable). 
  10. Organizations (other than local governments) must submit: (1) a copy of their constitution and by-laws and (2) a copy of their year-end income and expense reports. Non-profit organizations must submit a copy of their 501(c)(3) designation form.
  11. Please submit one application for each project or activity. 
  12. Please be sure to include the required attachments:
    • Photographs and/or letters of support
    • Certified cost estimate (with Davis-Bacon statement for construction projects)
    • Commitment letter from each funding source
    • Project site map, Service area map, Income surveys (if needed)
    • For public service or non-profit groups, provide the following: constitution and by-laws, year-end income and expense report, 501(c)(3) designation form, Public Service Project Information sheet (attached).
  13. Applications are due no later than 4:00 p.m., Thursday, May 6, 2021 at: Seneca Regional Planning Commission, 71 South Washington Street, Suite 1104, Tiffin, OH 44883
  14. If assistance is needed, please contact Charlene Watkins at (419) 443-7936 ext 1123.

CDBG Program Application

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Center for Handicapped Building Rehabbed/Construction
Clearance Activities Structures Demolished
Code Enforcement Units Assisted or Inspected
Conversion/Rehab/Renovate Square Feet of Structure
Buildings Rehabbed/Constructed
Fair Housing
SRPC will Facilitate
  Fire Protection Facilities and Equipment
Square Feet of Structure
Buildings Rehabbed/Constructed
Vehicles Purchased
Items of Equipment Purchased
Fire Hydrants Installed
Flood and Drainage Facilities Liner feet
Culverts/Catch Basins Installed
Manholes Installed
Permanent Easements/Right-of-Way
Grant/Loan/Int. Supplement Square Feet of Structure
Businesses/Organizations Assisted
Facades Improved
Historic Preservation Buildings Rehabbed
Homeless Facilities Buildings Rehabbed/Constructed
Leasehold Improvements Square feet of Structure
Units Rehabbed
Machine/Capital Equipment  Items of Equipment Purchased
Neighborhood Facilities/Community Center Buildings Rehabbed/Constructed
New Construction Square Feet of Structure
Units Acquired, Constructed and Sold
Non-Capital Equipment  Items of Equipment Purchased
Parks and Recreations Facilities  Acres of Land
Square feet of Structure
Athletic Fields/Curbcuts Installed/Repaired
General Park Improvements
Items of Equipment Installed/Repaired
Restroom Facilities Installed
Linear Feet of Fencing
Linear Feet of Walkway
Public Rehabilitation Handicapped Ramps Installed
Restroom Facilities Installed
Elevators/Doors Installed
Public Utilities Utility Poles/Lines Relocated
Senior Centers Buildings Rehabbed/Constructed
Sewer Facility Improvements (Public) 
Items of Equipment Installed/Repaired
Linear Feet
Water/Septic Tanks/Sludge Pits Installed (Non-private)
Manholes Installed
Permanent Easements/Right-of-Way
Sidewalk Improvements Linear Feet
Curebcuts Installed
Linear Feet of Curbs
Site Preparation (Public) Acres of Land
Solid Waste Disposal Facilities Items of Equipment Installed/Repaired
Facility Constructed/Rehabbed
Street Improvements 
Linear Feet
Culverts/Catch Basins Installed
Bridges Replaced/Repaired
Traffic Control/Street Signs Installed
Trees, Benches, Street Lights, and Planters
Slips/Slides/Retaining Walls Repaired
Permanent Easements/Right-on-Way
Linear Feet of Curbs
Water Facility Improvements (Public) Items of Equipment Installed/Repaired
Fire Hydrants Installed
Linear Feet
Water/Septic Tanks/Sludge Pits Installed (Non-private)
Wells Drilled
Water Valves Installed
Permanent Easements/Right-of-Way

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