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Transportation Priorities

Transportation Improvement Plan Update 2017

Purpose: This update to the 2001 Transportation Improvement Plan aims to identify and describe critical
roadwork infrastructure projects for which outside funding sources are needed.  

Existing Plan

Comprehensive Plan (2001)

  • Infrastructure a major focus
  • Has Transportation Improvement Plan
  • Recommends upgrades to road system
  • Recommends funding for connections
  • Recommends strong access management
  • Recommends trail system investments
  • Recommends updates, priorities, details

Recent Efforts

County Strategic Planning (2015-2016)

  • SR 53 Corridor Study (2014) identifies 20 safety hotspots, gives negative ROI for $80M Super 2
  • County Strategic Plan (2015) has transportation as one of four major goals
  • Transportation Improvement District (TID) formed and registered with ODOT (2016)
  • Transp. Committee updating TIP (2016)

This update's prioritized project list supersedes all earlier lists, and it has the support of
Seneca County's, Tiffin's, and Fostoria's engineers, administration, and economic development.   

1 - Fair Lane Extension

  • 2-phase, $8.0M Tiffin project
  • Phase 1 ($4.0M, 0.5-mi widening of US 224, 2 signals) needs funding now
  • Phase 2 ($4.0M, 0.6-mi extension) - future
  • ODOT approved traffic study
  • Design has been initiated

2 - Tiffin Fostoria Connector 

  • 3-phase, $7.0M Seneca Co. project
  • Phase 1 ($3.0M, 4.0-mi widening and curb straightening of Maule Rd.) needs funding
  • Phase 2 ($1.0M, 2.0-mi widening of CR592)
  • Phase 3 ($3.0M, 4.0-mi widening of CR592)
  • Helps congestion, development; connects

3 - Fostoria Loop Road

  • 7-phase, $61.2M Fostoria project
  • Phase 1 ($1.9M Stearns Rd.) done in 2014
  • Phase 2a ($6.5M Jones Rd. grade sep.) done
  • Phase 2b ($5.2M Jones Rd. resurface/SR 12 intersection) needs funds
  • Helps safety, maintenance, business

4 - Active Transportation Plan 

  • Plan needs to be funded first
  • Then, an RFP would be prepared and issued
  • A firm would be selected and the plan prepared
  • Would evaluate walking, bicycling, and busing
  • Large impact on quality of life, safety, etc.


View full Transportation Improvement Priority Plan 

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