Active Transportation Plan

The Active Transportation Plan outlines forms of non-motorist transportation involving physical activity including; walking, cycling, rollerblading and more. The Seneca County Plan encompasses a number of routes to connect existing trails, as well as a plan for marking shared lanes and encouraging biking and walking safety. 

Building Management Plan

The Building Management Plan functions as an appendix of all county-owned buildings. The plan outlines problem properties and proposes how these could be better utilized. The plan has a focus around the county farm (county services area by the county engineer, soil and water, etc.). 

Bus Transit Plan

The Bus Transit Plan is a detailed plan partnering with SCAT, the city of Tiffin, and other community leaders. 

2020 Comprehensive Plan 

The 2020 Comprehensive Plan outlines the future goals and objectives of Seneca County using current demographic statistics.

Approved by the following as of 09/01/2020:  Seneca County Commissioners, Seneca Regional Planning Commission, Seneca Parks

Pending Approval as of 09/01/2020:  City of Tiffin, Fostoria Economic Development Corp (for the City of Fostoria)

      Table of Contents through Chapter 4

      Chapter 5.1 Seneca County

      Chapter 5.2 Seneca Parks (aka Park District)

      Chapter 5.3 City of Tiffin, Ohio

      Chapter 5.4 City of Fostoria, Ohio

2020 Hazard Mitigation Plan

The Hazard Mitigation Plan describes possible disasters in Seneca County, and opens up the door for funding should those things happen.

      Part 1 - Hazard Mitigation Plan Cover + Executive Summary

      Part 2 - Hazard Mitigation Planning Process

      Part 3 - Hazard Mitigation Plan Population Data

      Part 4 - Hazard Mitigation Plan Strategies

      Part 5 - Hazard Mitigation Plan Adoption

      Part 6 - Hazard Mitigation Appendix A - Planning Team

      Part 7 - Hazard Mitigation Appendix B - Hazard and Vulnerability Data

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