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Standing Committees

Parks and Recreation

Sarah Betts, Executive Director (P)419-447-8091

 Revolving Loan Fund Dave Shelton (P)419-447-7133 
 Revolving Loan Fund Marketing

Charlene Watkins, Administer (P)419-443-7936

 Lot Split CommitteeCharlene Watkins, Administer (P)419-443-7936
 Transportation Improvement     DistrictCharlene Watkins, Administer (P)419-443-7936
Technical Advisory 

Chairman- Jim Distel  (P)419-937-4580


Barbara Dibble (P)419-436-1375

Subdivision/Land Use/Zoning

Mark Hayes (P)

Highways & Transportation

Shayne Thomas (P)419-447-4550


Tim Reinhart (P) 419-619-0190

Public Safety

Holly Stacy (P) 419-447-4550

Seneca Regional Planning Commission
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