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Hopewell Township



Meetings Place:
Hopewell Township Office
5281 W TR 112
Tiffin, Ohio 44883
(P) 419-937- 2020

Meeting Times: 

Every two weeks on Monday at 7:30 PM


Elected Officials: 

James Clouse
1475 N TR 123
Tiffin, Ohio 44883
(P) 419-448-8928

Richard Gosche
6341 W SR 18
Fostoria, Ohio 44830
(P) 419-937-2770

Lori Zoeller
4919 W US 224
Tiffin, Ohio 44883
(P) 419-937-2647

 Fiscal Officer:                                     Zoning Inspector:

Amanda Bodart                                                              William Snyder                                                    
P.O. Box 309                                                                   2121 W TR 120
Bascom, Ohio 44809                                                      Tiffin, OHio 44883
(P) 419-937-2142                                                            (P) 419-447-8785                   

Seneca Regional Planning Commission
71S. Washington St. Suite 1104
Tiffin, Ohio, 44883

Phone: (419)443-7936


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