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Adams Township




Meetings Place:
Adams Township Garage
TR 179 &TR 148
Republic, Ohio 44867
(P) 419-639-2045

Meetings Times:
Second and Last Monday of each Month at 8:30 A.M. 

 Elected Officials: 

Bill Frankart
7731 N TR 32
Clyde, Ohio 43410
(P) 419-355-6408

David Carrother
4940 N SR 19
Republic, Ohio 44867
(P) 419-217-8238

Bret Cleveland 
5061 E. CR 44
Green Springs, Ohio 44836
(P) 419-355-3350


Fiscal Officer: 

Joline Humber
7931 E TR 148

Republic, Ohio 44867
(P) 419-3307-8819

Zoning Inspector: 

Mike Brodner

(P) 419-680-5021



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71S. Washington St. Suite 1104
Tiffin, Ohio, 44883

Phone: (419)443-7936


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